Thursday, September 5, 2013

Bugaboos: Pikas, Gushers and Honey

Hari and I met for the first time in a coffee shop about two days before we went climbing in the Bugs. I had caught a ride to the airport with one of his friends when I needed to get from a climbing day in California to a business trip in Minneapolis, who suggested I contact him. And so, another climbing partnership was born through the power of the internet and some deductive stalking (I had to find his email somehow) and some-guy-who-gave-me-a-ride's reference (thanks Brad!).

Squamish: Pies, Crimes and #3 Lies

Picked up H from the airport, departed from Lodi for Seattle, then drove to Squamish for a few days of climbing. I climbed with H for one day before he left for Peru with V when they let me tag along on a Tuolumne weekend of theirs. For some reason he decided I would be a decent enough climbing partner for Squamish, and that is the story of how I found a partner for this adventure. I don't know why people trust me this much after only climbing with me once, but I'll take it.