Monday, March 14, 2011

Borneo: The (non)Tsunami


Borneo: The flight and the Beginning

Moscow: Vodka, Scarecrows and Uno

Masha and I (Photo courtesy of Dmitriy Sharmorov)
The Mike Horn Project booked me a flight to Moscow for some reason, so I decided to use the free ticket and flew over four time zones to visit my aunt, uncle and grandparents. 

Siberia: Evil Communists, Salt Shortages and the Russian Psyche

My dad's old shoes, that I found while rummaging in a cupboard

Siberia: Dating Shows, Ice Skating and Piroshki

Finally drying out my soaked boots

Switzerland: The Magnetic North Pole Selection Camp

I'm the one in the back chatting with Martin about Russian women.

 Tires, Treadmills and Photoshoots: 

Switzerland: The Pangaea Mike Horn Project

Our team in the Swiss Alps

Nepal: Final Thoughts

Everest (with the cloud) and Ama Dablam (on the right)

Margaritas, Rotted Mattresses and Wheezing Men:

Nepal: Rad People

Conrad, Cedar and Veggie Burger:

Nepal: The Himalayas-Everest

Yeti Skulls, Snake Gods and Chang:

Nepal: The Himalayas-Lantang

Sunburnt Racoons, Mordor and Yaks:

Nepal: Intro/Logistics

Monkeys, Frenchmen, and Chickens: