Sunday, January 2, 2011

Stint in Seattle

Back in Seattle for 3 weeks. Errands, applications, skiing, reuniting with old friends...
Bushes during a morning ski
 After Coldfoot's darkness, waking up at 9 and seeing the sun (at least daylight) is a welcome sight.

Coping with some thermal shock. My internal thermometer needs recalibration: sometimes 40 F feels unbearably hot, and then when it's 55 degrees and rainy, my hands are numb and I'm shivering.

I spent a day at home and missed not being surrounded by snow, so I drove to the Cascades to hang around the mountains. Vermont has nothing on Washington's mountains.

I've gotten used to spending 12-14 hours a day working alone in Coldfoot, so being around people for prolonged periods of time has been a transition.

I was night skiing with a friend at Kongsbergers, and he was disconcerted why I would want to ski alone, but skiing is a solitary activity for me: it gives me time to think, process, and adjust while skimming along corduroy-groomed trails.... it's a similar process to what the brain does during sleep---it's a time when I file away and organize information to process in the future.

I joined Claire and my family at the Methow for several days of perfect-conditions-skiing (something that rarely happens in the Pacific NW). I managed to cook two ducks stuffed with green apples for dinner, and apart from rubbing my parents the wrong way, the trip couldn't have been better: crisp and sunny.  

My sister in her snow fort

 Blood spattering on the ski trail

I found a dead mule deer one morning

300 km of perfectly groomed, inter-connected trails. Vermont doesn't have a chance
15 km uphill-so worth the view

Gradual uphill to Thompson Ridge
   It was great being able to ski without having to wear a parka and fur hat, and not having to worry about frostnipping my fingers every time I wanted to take a photo.
The cabin we stayed at---10 feet from the ski trails
Returning from a morning ski
Sunset ski

I can't get over how perfect it was

Crossing a bridge
  Three weeks seems to be the maximum amount of time I can stay at my parents' before I start itching to move on. I think they would agree.

Six more days and I'll be getting on a 53 hour flight to Nepal. My flight: Seattle-San Francisco-Hong Kong-Bangladesh-Kathmandu. All my things are either in a box in my parents' garage or in my backpack.
First guest-house reservation in Nepal: $1.5/night.

If you want to stay in touch, comment below, I'll try to find a cyber cafe at some point, but no guarantees.

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  1. Have fun and let me know how things are going!