Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Boneyard: Random Machinery

There are a lot of random cars, buses, mining equipment strewn about Alaska.... not including the Trans-Alaskan Pipeline pictured below (note: some of these are Teddy's photos) 

ANWR Excursion: Finding Missiles and Scaring Grizzlies

August. Faith and I are dropped off by bush plane in the Wind River Drainage, 100 miles from any settlement or road in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. 
This backpacking trip fulfilled my Jack-London-inspired childhood dreams of northern mountainous exploration. It was just the two of us, 300 caribou, and several grizzlies for 5 adventure-filled, perfect, epic days. WARNING: lots of me-photos that Faith took

Washing Planes and Meeting Ted Turner's Son

I mentioned that I worked part-time at a bush airplane company. It's owned and run by a wonderful family with two kids.