Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Tale of Roxy the Fox, Poachers and Shooting

Fox of the Baskervilles

We've had a very affectionate fox, that we've nicknamed "Roxy", hanging around camp. It usually comes out at night and patrols the area for any voles and mice hiding under the buildings.

It's fond of the cook's bacon. The photos are from a couple of nights ago when I chased it around camp until it decided I wasn't a threat. 

 Late one night two military guys stationed in Alaska struck up a conversation. They mentioned that they'd shot two lynx on the side of the road. I went outside to check it out. Incredibly sad.
 It was dripping blood onto the snow while I was holding it, and I couldn't say anything against this killing, because it was one of those situations where you kept your mouth shut.
One of the Killers
 I'm okay with hunting for food like the trappers and subsistence families of Alaska, but the military guys said they're sending the pelts to their friends in the lower 48, so they can hang them above their plasma TV. 

ALSO they killed the lynx illegally---you can't shoot anything within 5 miles of the Haul Road corridor, which they confessed to doing. Sons of bitches. I reported them to state trooper Dan.  

Very sad

HUGE paws


Ironic that I enjoy shooting guns after my tirade against hunting above, but life is full of contradictions. Brian lent Kevin and I his ammo and the guns. I'm thinking of buying a pistol once I'm back in the lower 48 for target practice.


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