Saturday, December 11, 2010

Once a Skier

Classic skiing here is great. You have to make your own tracks, but once you've set a good 5 km loop you're good to go. 

View from my window

There's no more sunlight, so the window of opportunity to ski during the "twilight zone" is about 3 hours: more than enough time to get a workout in. 

Last days of sunlight:

I used swix polar grip wax which worked great in 0 F to -38 F. I haven't tried skiing in temperatures below that because my ski boots aren't insulated well-enough to prevent frost-nip. 

Frost at -38 C
I only classic skied, because skating at such cold temperatures feels like you're skiing on sandpaper. Glide was non-existent. 
Self-made tracks

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