Thursday, December 2, 2010

Coldfoot Workers

The summer was filled with towering bonfires, booze cruising, pond-hockey, attempted beer get the picture. (note: some of these photos were taken by other coworkers) 

One night we out-shined ourselves in ingenuity and what some people may consider to be stupidity. It all started out fairly tame and then things accelerated...
Marshall ended up almost breaking his back when the tower collapsed and he fell off.... 

Brody with some scotch

The practice of rafting down a river with a guitar while inebriated.

The sea monster

Sun tanning 24-7
Beer Cooler

We decided to brew up some beer. Marshall was in charge of this operation.

Sharron "panning for gold":


 Will-- the wandering artist/philosopher:

In his tent

Tanning on the roof?

Jay-the roaming southerner:   
Such a rebel


The pond froze over early October
The boys

More People and Things:
Pushing the company planes
Cory Hitchhiking

Halloween: Kev, Cory and Brian

"Black" Cory (unlike Ginger Cory)
named for his hair
Jacob (my roommate) operating on his dog
after it attacked a porcupine

Marshall: an aficionado of reading ancient history books
Teddy reading up on his economics

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