Friday, December 3, 2010

Mountains and Aurora

The Aurora. It's hard to describe to anyone. Imagine neon-green, yellow, red streaks flowing through the sky. It's 3-D and dynamic: like flowing, winding, flickering fingers.

Some vivid memories: standing in a snowbank on top of Cathedral, drinking blueberry-flavored Smirnoff ,watching the lights. Aurora pics courtesy of Kyle (my camera was no match for his)

Standing on top of a gas canister with Kyle for a better view

Below are some highlights that I captured with my $50 nikon: 

Moose skull


Clouds above camp
Lake I was hitchhiking near

tundra colors


Solstice sunrise/sunset

Cathedral Ridge

Winter/Fall comparison

Sukakpak mountain (climbed it)

Pink shades at sunrise

Tree from the Lorax

Looking on some unnamed peak

Frozen tundra

Clouds above camp

View while skiing in October

From Dirk's Cessna



Token birch tree shot

Early winter

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