Sunday, December 12, 2010

Farewell Alaska

I'm in the Fairbanks airport looking at a giant stuffed white wolf. I have about 12 hours till my flight to Seattle, which I plan to spend hungry and curled up in my sleeping bag under a bench. Not the most dignified way of spending my last night in Alaska, but it will have to do.

This is in Fairbanks. At the Yukon River it dipped to - 48 F

The sun appeared unexpectedly on the drive down

I haven't seen the sun in over a month. It was a welcome sight.

According to the truckers, you forget
it's there and then it's too late


Working in Northern Alaska for 7 months was a good decision: I explored, I made money, I made friends, I skied off my front porch, I dog mushed, I watched the aurora, I shot guns, I scared grizzlies, I hitchhiked, I didn't pay for anything, I didn't drive, I didn't get gas, I didn't see speed-limit signs, stoplights or power lines, and I was surrounded by wilderness.
Coyote Air's planes with wing covers
The people up at coldfoot were simple, (miners and truckers mostly) but out-of-their-way kind and it was a family. You have to be, because without cohesion the place wouldn't exist. At coldfoot they hire 90% based on personality.

So this is it. Tomorrow I'll be in Seattle. I won't be there long. January 8th I have a one-way ticket to Nepal.

What I'm looking forward to: internet that doesn't take 2 min/page loaded, family, friends...that's about it.

Things I'm NOT excited about: everything else, but especially traffic, buying food, having to drive, not having ski trails within walking distance and most of all the warm weather........ew, 

Final Alaskan images:

Coldfoot at twilight

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