Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Start

I’m known as Nat, Nat-a-tat, Natty, Nattles, Natasha…. I’m a student-majoring in Chemistry and Math + a dose of engineering. I’m currently in the midst of taking a year off to explore the world before life ties me down. 
This is going to be a photo-filled blog of my life. Primarily this is a way for my parents to keep a tab on where I am and what I’m up to, because I'm not great at keeping in touch. I should have started a blog earlier this summer, but I was too busy working and exploring the Alaskan Arctic, so I’m going to recap some of the summer highlights. At the moment I am in Coldfoot, Alaska, just back from working at Deadhorse at the Arctic Ocean.

The title of this blog comes from a poem by e.e. cummings. It was recited to me by my favorite english teacher Tom Doelger. My favorite line is: "there's a hell of a good universe next door; let's go", hence the title. Cheesy I know, but you get the point. 

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